LIVE PRESENTATION: True Grit: How to Develop the Seven Top Traits of Mentally Tough Leaders DVD Set

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In this three disc, 74-minute live presentation, Dave Anderson outlines seven no-nonsense strategies for developing "true grit", the mental toughness you need to toughen up, tighten up and step up as a leader; and will show you how to influence others on your team to do the same. This new product features:

  • A live, energized presentation!
  • A three disc DVD set with a downloadable handout!
  • A wake-up call message to help you excel while others become complacent!
  • An outline of the seven traits you need to develop more discipline, focus more daily, persist to higher goals, and hold others accountable throughout the process!
  • Strategies that benefit you as much in your personal life as in your organization!
  • A format that makes it ideal to teach your entire team!
  • ...And much more!

Gear you and your team up now for a record year with this new training tool!

Listen to Dave explain further about the True Grit DVD.

Run time: 74 Minutes

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