Unstoppable: Transforming Your Mindset to Create Change, Accelerate Results, and Be the Best at What You Do

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    • HR Magazine makes it a top read for 2018.


    • Running Magazine makes the audio version a Top Ten listen.


    • Sales Initiative bases a feature article on it (due out in springtime).


    • Institute for Management Studies just made it their Book of the Month.


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    DESCRIPTION: This immediately useful guidebook from the founder of Dave Anderson's LearnToLead categorizes every workforce into four mindset categories - undertakers, caretakers, playmakers and game changers. The behaviors people in these mindset categories present directly enhance or diminish whatever skills, knowledge, talent, and experience they bring to the table. In this book is both a clear mirror to honestly reveal where your head is as well as sage advice on the important choices you need to make in order to become unyielding, constantly striving game changer.


    To support his various strategies on what it takes to become an unstoppable game changer, Dave includes candid insight and personal accounts from 34 other leaders from diverse industries all to help you become the best at what you do.


    With this powerful guidebook at your fingertips, you'll learn that:

    -Lacking mental toughness is not an excuse anymore - understand and implement the key to shaking off brain fatigue
    -Starting out strong and fading away isn't an options - customize your own daily routine for developing a disciplined mindset
    -Working conditions dont anchor achievement - even undertakers can't stop you when you make the moves that put you in the zone
    Whether you're starting your first job or need a refreshed perspective on your career, Unstoppable puts you in the best frame of mind to be extraordinary.




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    In "Unstoppable," Dave Anderson uses direct, pull-no-punches honesty to encourage best effort for your most fulfilling life.


    CEO, Ziglar, Inc., and proud son of Zig Ziglar


    The resources at Dave Anderson's disposal, from the CEO of Delta to the power forward of the Portland Train Blazers to the former basketball coach at Indiana, offer an amazingly diverse look at leadership and personal growth. And through "Unstoppable," Dave Anderson now puts those resources at your disposal.


    Award winning IndyStar Sports Columnist


    Dave's book on how to be unstoppable is a great read. His knowledge on what it takes to get to the next level is a must get for anyone wanting to become great. This is not just limited for athletes and coaches. I think anyone who wants to get ahead in life needs to give this book a read. Anyone can become a game changer and the first step is to pick up this book!


    Head Coach, University of Nevada



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