Personal Vision Playbook

Personal Vision Playbook
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A playbook is an indispensable tool in the arsenal of any professional athlete - outlining the essential steps that each individual, as well as the team overall, must take for success in winning the game.


When it comes to executing towards and achieving your team's yearly vision, Dave's new Personal Vision Playbook is your go-to resource for an entire year, helping you:

  • Work with your leadership team to define and understand your personal role in your team's vision for the year.
  • Break down your team's yearly objective into smaller quarterly and monthly goals, and strategies into essential daily, weekly, and monthly activities.
  • Evaluate your successes or shortcomings each month, and take reinforcing or corrective actions.
  • And more!


Serving as your guide for the entire year, this playbook from Dave is broken down into four unique color-coded quarters, each featuring sections for you to outline crucial details including: your team's vision for the year overall; your vision contribution for the year and each quarter; personal vision objectives, strategies, and tactics for execution each month; and a quarterly "game film review" to evaluate your progress and make adjustments moving forwards.


Pick up a copy of the playbook for each member of your team, your department, or your entire organization! Don't have a team? Use Dave's Personal Vision Playbook to help you achieve your most bold and compelling personal goals.



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