How to Lead by The Book: Proverbs, Parables, and Principles to Tackle Your Toughest Business Challenges

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Concise, to-the-point, and highly useable, How to Lead by THE BOOK presents a series of your fourteen toughest personal and business challenges, then provides Biblically based strategies to succeed and excel in each challenging area.

You'll learn strategies to overcome challenges like these:

  • Where do I find great people for my team?
  • What are the two greatest threats to my success?
  • How do I create productive behaviors in my organization?
  • How do I know God's will when making decisions?
  • What are the best interview questions to determine strength of character?
  • What are two of the most dangerous mistakes I must avoid to become a more effective leader?
  • How do I balance my work and home life?
  • How do I confront poor performers?
  • Many more!


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