Fireside Chats & Rants Episode Five: Six Signs You&

Fireside Chats & Rants Episode Five: Six Signs You're Too Soft & How to Fix Them

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To be "soft" is to be "lacking robust strength, stamina, or endurance, especially because of living in ease or luxury; overly sensitive or easy to offend." In this episode Dave and Ryan discuss six warning signs you're too soft, and remedies to help clean up these vulnerabilities.


About the Fireside Chats & Rants Series:


This informal talk-show-format series featuring Dave Anderson and Ryan "The Killer" Cota dives into brutally candid conversations on personal development and tough-love leadership. Each episode is a twenty-ish minute war on complacency and mediocrity, discussing real issues, with real solutions, so you can really grow! 

If you're tired of tiptoeing around sensitive issues and obstacles that make it tougher to grow yourself and your team, you'll find Fireside Chats & Rants refreshing, energizing, and instructive. The content is applicable to everyone in any endeavor - regardless your age, background, industry, or education - seeking to become more than they are so they can get more than they've got.

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