40-Day Super Sales Bootcamp DVD Set (3)

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The Description:

Dave Anderson's 40-Day Super Sales Bootcamp is a daily compass to help you on your journey to sales excellence. These short clips are broken down to provide you with the most hard-hitting, in-demand tips and techniques for today's sales professional. Some strategies you will find in this three disc series are:

  • The importance of listening and how it leads to more sales.
  • How to build a pipeline of future customers through no-pressure prospecting.
  • A four part series on customizing your personality to fit the customer's needs.
  • How pace, control and positive ground rules can work for you or against you when trying to make the sale.
  • How using an evidence manual can sky-rocket your closing ratio.
  • Closing techniques that will get the customer to see the perceived value and buy today!
  • The "Iceberg Theory" and how using this technique will have your customers selling themselves.

...And much more!

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This is a three DVDs series presented by Dave Anderson and the complete running time is 3 hrs. 48 min.



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