How to Deal With Difficult Customers: 10 Simple Strategies for Selling to the Stubborn, Obnoxious, and Belligerent

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This audio CD set by Dave Anderson arms you with hundreds of real-world strategies to make more sales regardless of what you sell!
  • 96 selling scripts to handle any type of difficult sales situation!
  • 13 ways to take the fight out of the sales process!
  • 7 things to do after you lose a sale!
  • Strategies for setting appointments that stick!
  • Methods for building a cult of loyal repeat and referral customers so you have to deal with fewer tough customers!
  • How to create urgency to buy today!
  • Techniques for reading your customer’s body language and mind!
  • How to use appropriate humor to make more sales!

 4CDS Narrated by Dave Anderson; 4 Hours and 12 Minutes Running Time.



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