LIVE PRESENTATION: Become a League of Your Own DVD Set (2)

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 In this 75-minute live presentation, Dave Anderson presents real-world strategies every leader must learn and apply:

-What a “League of Your Own” is and the central strategy for becoming one!

-How to create extreme differentiation in the customer experience, and make price less relevant in the process!

-Why “satisfying customers” is not good enough to become a "League of Your Own" and how to do better!

-How to make it twice as likely customers will return, and three times as likely they’ll refer others to your business!

-How to create experiential standards that create “wow” and guarantee customer loyalty!

-Much more!

Relevant and applicable for every team member in your business, from CEO to front line greeter!
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This is a two DVD series presented by Dave Anderson in front of a live audience. The complete running time is 75 minutes.



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