40-Day Super Leadership Training Camp

Price: $299.00

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This three disc DVD set is a daily roadmap to help you on your journey to leadership excellence. These short lessons are broken down to provide you with the most hard-hitting, in-demand tips and techniques for today's leadership professional. This is not a course you'll want to take just once, but will go through repeatedly. Some game-changing strategies you will find are:

  • The Truth About Mediocrity
  • Holding Others Accountable
  • The Roles of Vision/Strategy/Tactics
  • The "Loyal" Non-Performer
  • The Truth About Dead Weight
  • The Power of Daily Goals
  • Hiring Philosophy
  • The Truth About Titles
  • The Power of One on Ones
  • The Vision Responsibility
  • Become Brilliant in the Basics
  • And 29 more...

Run time: 3 Hours, 27 Minutes

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